We strive to make sure everything you need to reach the bliss of health and happiness is right at your fingertips… and we mean everything! From traditional supplements to exotic herbs, holistic oils and more, we feature the products you’re looking for and ones you simply won’t find anywhere else. 

Piping Rock - Best Quality, Low Prices Piping Rock creates superior-quality, deep-discount supplements for you and your family. How do we strike this perfect balance of quality and value? We make our own vitamins. 

Manufactured By Piping Rock By manufacturing our products and delivering them to your door, we eliminate outsourcing, distribution and retail costs that inflate other brands' prices. We happily pass the savings on to you and your family. Plus, since we control every step of supplement creation, we can guarantee a higher standard of quality. Our products never leave our sight. Just look at some key steps that Piping Rock performs in-house: 

We hand-select our raw materials. In 40+ years in the natural products industry, we have discovered the best ingredient suppliers in the world. We only use ethical suppliers whose high standards of quality, purity and freshness match our own. 

We formulate our products Piping Rock's in-house team of scientists and nutritionists creates supplements with ideal nutritional ratios, combinations and potencies. We design our supplements to maximize nutritional benefits for you and your family.  

We own our manufacturing facilities Piping Rock's GMP-certified facilities include stainless-steel machines for blending, encapsulating and bottling. Since we own our facilities and equipment, we can guarantee sanitary conditions that we monitor daily. 

We have our own cutting-edge laboratory Piping Rock tests safety, purity, potency and bioavailability in our world-class microbiology lab. Our in-house lab gives us 100% certainty we're giving you the best. You simply can't get that by using an outside lab. 

We assay our products Each Piping Rock product undergoes hundreds of checks, in-process and post-production, for complete quality assurance. We guarantee that what's in the product exactly matches what's on the label. 

We create & print our own labels and packaging Our supplement warehouse's printing and packaging machinery saves money. This enables us to further discount our supplements and make health-enhancing nutrition affordable for everyone. Piping Rock's in-house manufacturing and direct-to-you shipping means lower production costs and incredibly affordable prices. And since we personally watch every manufacturing step, we can guarantee premium quality for you and your family. 

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